Rui En wants to work with Rihanna?
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Text: Priscilla Wu
Photo: Priscilla Wu, MediaCorp Channel 8

Rui En is not afraid to speak her mind. At the recent media conference for Channel 8’s drama Against the Tide, she recounted the story of how her co-star Christopher Lee ‘sabotaged’ her by drawing fans’ attention to where she was sitting at a food centre.

She made reference to the incident again when she sat down with us for a quick chat, calling the actor “a very playful person who likes to play pranks and make sure that I get to take photographs with the whole hawker centre.” And despite the fact that Christopher is now a proud father of one, Rui En maintained firmly that she has no desire to get hitched in the near future. “Definitely not on the cards. It’s not a priority [for me],” she said.

The rebel princess of MediaCorp remains candid and unpretentious even after more a decade in the industry and this naturalness seeps into her acting which she said she prefers to keep subtle. She takes on what is likely to be her most challenging role to date in Against the Tide as psychiatrist Qiu Xueqing whom Rui En described as a fallen angel.

“She is an angel who became a devil. She started off as a caring psychiatrist who goes beyond her call of duty to help people. Her world came crashing down on her when she realised that the man she loves has betrayed her. That is she began to change slowly.” She continued, “I prefer to be subtle. When you think of evil roles, it has got that over-acting…that kind of an expression. For [the antagonist] to be subtle is a huge challenge. On top of that, I got to show that there is a transition from some who is innocent and almost naive to someone who is bitter and angry. I thought it was one of the most challenging roles [I have ever taken on].”

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